Hello !

and welcome to my ahh... about me page.  A page that I have been avoiding #procrastinationisabadhabit,  as my mind kept doing the circles about what it is that you may want to know about me besides the fact that I take photographs. So here it comes:

The short version:

I am a world traveler, a woman-entrepreneur turned artist who believed Ghandi when he said, "Be The Change You Want to See in The World". 

The long version:

If you would have asked me what do I want to be when I grew up when I was a child, you would have heard an astronaut, a politician, a psychologist, but never in a million years an Artist, and even less a chance a Photographer.  

But here I am, my name is Ksenia Poulber and I am an Artist and a Photographer. 

The journey to this place has been a long one, long mostly because I had to do tons of soul searching, trials and errors, other professions, classes, self-development and combating with my own fears and preconceived ideas about my life and lively hood to finally get Here! #KseniaPoulberonthemap

People often ask me how did I start doing photography, and the truth is: photography just happened to me. I never deliberately picked photography to be my profession. I few years ago, I was traveling to South America, and decided to buy a Pro camera to document my traveling. When I returned, my photos were a hit. People were writing to me from all over the place to tell me how much they enjoyed the photos and that I should do more. I listened. Thank you friends! :) 

Like most people I went to college after school. Although I changed many majors, I finally graduated with a B.A in Psychology. My desire was always to help, I knew inside of me was enough power to make a difference, to add my 50 cents to the making of this world a better place. Though out college I practiced yoga and meditation, read up on different philosophies, and rigorously studied all practices that promised expansion of consciousness. After graduating college in 2008, I have opened my first business. In Spirit Living Yoga Studio and Art Gallery was proudly located in Long Branch, NJ. It was a place where inspiration and creativity came together.  Shortly after the opening, my team has expanded and we begun to come together with other local businesses in the Jersey Shore area to promote the arts and to stimulate the local economy in the devastating time of the economical downturn.  We were creating a buzz, selling lots of art, organizing events, all while I also taught yoga and meditation, educating and guiding people through spiritual self development. 

After two years, I felt like I have reached an inner glass ceiling. While I was in college I started painting. It was just a hobby that I did purely for my enjoyment. During my ownership of the art gallery I was exposed to classically trained artists, and  the works that flown though the gallery inspired me to paint more, however my administrative duties have left me with very little time for anything else, but the business. In 2010 I have transferred my business to one of my team members, and decided to explore other possibilities, like moving across the country to Los Angeles, CA.

This is where it becomes personal. Now looking back I can tell you that this was a time of my life when I reached a major fork in the road, an identity crises, a dark night of the soul if you will. This story will probably need a page of its own, or better yet, a coffee date... I will spear your time now, and will be glad to share more if you are interested. For the sake of the continuity I will tell you that I had to go very deep into my soul to find out why I, Ksenia Poulber, was born and what makes me happy. I had to recreate, rediscover and reinvent myself. And I did. 

I registered to Otis College of Art and Design as well as Raminfard School of Arts , and begun taking art classes. I started to quickly develop my techniques in oil painting, encaustic, ink and pastels. Taking my first art class was like coming home from a long journey, I knew that I took the right turn at the fork. And although I decided to focus more on my artistic development, the desire to help has not seized. That year I have met my friend and colleague Meghan Noone. We have partnered up and produced a Red Carpet Event to benefit Mama-na-Dada, an orphanage in Kenya. During the event I exhibited and sold the body of work that I have created simply called the L.A Collection. My works even ended up on the walls of a few big names in the sports and movie industries. Since then, Meghan Noone have created a non-profit organization NooneTime Charities to which I contribute as a creative director.  We continue to bring our efforts together to improve the lives of other people both in USA and abroad.

Although Los Angeles was great, I fell in love with Chicago during one of my short visits, and had to relocate once again. And then its history from there:) I moved to Chicago and picked up the camera. Although I started to take photo classes, on my second class I realized I am mastering the camera way faster then it is taught in school. I picked up a few books and taught myself photography. I love it! It's a perfect expression for most of my passions. I can make art and beauty, it doesn't take forever to get done, like some of the oil paintings for example, its fun, I get to work with incredible people both as my team members and my subjects, I can bring my camera everywhere...well, ok, almost... and most importantly it makes me happy!

Although I reside in Chicago now, I continue to work in Los Angeles and New York. 

Where you could have seen my work:


“Revelation”  Art Exhibit November, 2009

In Spirit Living Studio and Gallery,

560 Broadway, Long Branch, NJ

“The LA Collection” October, 2010

Celebrity Red Carpet Event to Benefit MamaNaDada in Kenya, Falcon, Los Angeles, CA

“Celebrate Peru” Solo Show May 29- June 15, 2012

4Suyos, 2727 W. Fullerton Avenue Chicago

“The Sands of Time” in The 7th Annual Juried Photo Show April 8- 29, 2012

Morpho Gallery, 5216 North Damen Avenue,Chicago

“American Legends” January 26th, 2013

Joffrey Ballet's Point of Departure Art Exhibition, Block 37, Chicago

“Express” June 11th-29th, 2013

Fire Art Studios and Gallery, 190 E. Fifith Ave, Naperville, IL


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